Ferguson. Mexico City. Sao Paulo. Kiev. Hong Kong. Athens.

Recent events that captured our attention. All led primarily by young people. Although these uprisings took place in different parts of the world, the themes resonated across all boundaries.

Marginalization. Disillusionment. Restlessness. Powerless.

Today’s youth are more informed and connected than at any other time in history. This hyper connectivity has brought geopolitical issues to the forefront and uncovered a shared sense of opposition to unjust policies, politicians, and special interests.

Now is the time to leverage global connectivity to illuminate cross-cultural issues and inspire solidarity among young people around the world.

21st Century Diplomat will be a story-telling platform designed for young change-makers, that allows them to share their personal stories and spark a global conversation on how politics—domestic and international—are affecting their local communities. 21CD will encourage an international discussion of events, opinions, ideas and solutions to common challenges. Young people will have the opportunity to gain practical skills by writing critically and for an international audience, expose them to new languages, discover different cultures and more.

Watch this space.

For more information, contact Fouzia Bencheikh at 21stcenturydiplomat@gmail.com